I also hate you girl who reads. I hate that I am you. I hate that if it’s not perfect it’s not good enough.

I hate that I have made plans for the future even when I have read somewhere that my entire life has been pre-planned and written out to my last breath.

I hate that you have given me expectations and that you make me wanna live up to those expectations. I hate that you don’t settle. I could have probably been married by now, lol.

Maybe not happily, but because of you the only isle I might ever walk down is that of my life. My life that refuses to be perfect.

My life filled with guiding quotes, books of experiences. Being in love with fictional characters. Sad poems of love and loss. Girl who reads, if only I could get rid of you.

Kasi’lishias Aims To Teach Children The Importance Of eating Healthily

Children in white aprons and chef bonnets next to a stove in charge of preparing a particular dish is not something we are likely to see, but Nomazizi Rajuili is on a mission to make all of that a daily practice for the kids of Soweto.

Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and wellbeing throughout life, so early education is an important step in starting children with a positive relationship with food and this begins with cooking classes at a young age, related Nomazizi.

In accomplishing her mission in September 2019, Nomazizi established a kids cooking school named Kasi’lishias chefs in her home at Dube, Soweto.

The cooking school inducted its second year on the 16th of February 2020 to recommence with its programme. Kasi’lishias chefs is a yearlong programme with over thirteen participants who are between the age of six and fourteen years, practicing on weekdays from 3 pm to 5 pm and having two sessions each Saturday.

Their main challenge is not having adequate kitchen utensils and cooking ingredients.

Nomazizi encouraged the parents to show full support for their children because this is not just a hobby but a journey to producing future professional chefs.

Cooking classes and clubs for kids who are enthusiastic about making recipes are just two of the most programs suitable for future chefs. Kids who join this program receive encouragement from their instructor and peers this is also a great way for kids to meet other young people who share the same interest, concluded Nomazizi.

Now You Don’t Have To Wait Till Next Summer To Wash Your Hair

Most people prefer getting their hair washed at a salon than at home. But I sorely rely on DIY, I have the freedom to do whatever I like with my hair and if it doesn’t turn out the way I have anticipation, I have myself to blame. The last time I visited a hair salon was when the hairdresser insisted that I need to get my hair stretched out because they “too kinky”. I’m not a natural hair guru, but you can definitely call me a natural hair minimalist after reading this:

Washday is not really complicated as it seems. Yes, I have three different shampoos namely: 1. Nilotiqa 2. Black Pearl and 3. Nativechild, that is because I change them after sometime to pin point which one is the best for my hair.

I have tested all three and my last shampoo was Nativechild because it was not too harsh on my hair, and I think my hair loves it. Black pearl and Nilotiqa was not my hair’s favorite, I then stopped using them, that’s a discussion for another day. The best shampoos to use are those with NO sulfate and paraben.

Next time you get yourself a shampoo, make it a habit to check out the ingredients tag like you do on that pork sandwich you are allergic to.

1. I use a shampoo ONLY when I have product build ups. ( on any other day I usually use a conditioner by Garnier to wash my hair, this method is known as co-wash

2. Rinse off the shampoo/conditioner with lukewarm water.

3. On your slightly wet hair, apply hair mayonnaise, I use the hair mayonnaise once a month as a hair protein treatment (because it works better in heat, so you will have to sit under a dry hoover if you do not have one, don’t panic sis, just put on a shower cap for an hour while you watch ‘how I met your mother’)

4. Rinse the hair mayonnaise off (you will feel the difference in your hair texture, you know that silk and cloudy texture? Oh yes, that is how your hair will be for as long as you will be using the Mayo)

5. Allow your hair to dry (do refrain from using a hairdryer, totally not good for your delicate hair that you are trying to grow. Hairdryer and hair breakup are bestfriends)

6. Apply Castor oil hair growth stimulator (I use the one by nativechild THEE bestfriend!)

7. Apply cream. There’s no wrong cream actually. (I use Honey and milk by nativechild it is more water based keeping my hair nourished)

8. Now we are sealing in the moisture. Follow up with 100% shea butter baby! Easy.

PS: you can use any hair products that you best prefer.

Next time, I’ll be having a step to step on how to trim hair split ends and DIY protective styling ideas xx 😊❤

Dear Fat Girl In The Gym ✉

On a vibrant blue sky Friday, I signed my gym membership contract and my mind couldn’t barely think without over complicating the simplest things.

A lot came through my mind, like what will people think, will I really manage to do this? It’s normal, I guess.

It happens to the best of us, we oftenly get anxious on our first day at work, school or immediately after signing that gym membership.

To you fat girls in the gym, keep running. Just keep running. Yes, that gym member who’s been there for sometime is taking a video of you while you dare the treadmill.

Yes, that skinny girl who only comes here to take selfies is snickering. Yes, your personal trainer is making faces. Yes, your sweat is sketching out all your folds on your t-shirt and on your pants. Yes, you are heaving and the whole continent can hear your lungs dragging your breath. Yes, you can only run for 30 seconds at a time.

But keep running. This is a race against yourself and you HAVE to win. Just keep running. Take a break if you need to. Come back. Move faster. Move further. Move closer to your goals. Move the world. Move yourself. Just keep running.

Dear fat girl in the gym. I am inspired.

But, hey! DON’T forget your water bottle, your towel, and some lotion for your body. xx


“on the other side of your greatest fears lives your greatest life.”

Robin Sharma

After a while fear becomes a part of your daily life, it mingles in the evening air while you are out with your friends. it becomes an addiction that before doing something, even if it’s raising your hand in class during your favorite lecture your brain demands that you overthink first, your heart makes fast beats feel normal and you end up folding your your hands that are covered by sweat. Fear makes you linger around the corner with the hope that someone will come by, tap your shoulder and ask “what are you really good at?”

With all this pressure, you are in a mist of self-doubts and anxiety. I almost don’t expect your heart to beat normal. The kind of pressure you go through for just existing, have a hot body, drink enough water, don’t have stretch marks, have a degree, a car, money, have materialistic success because no one cares about other forms of success, dress good ,eat good and hang out in poping places, drink enough water and and and, and if you can’t keep up you stay in a grey area of society, oh and have enough likes on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter.

Taking charge regardless of the standards set by the society will demand you not only to walk but strut! By overcoming fear you increase your capacity to grow and live the life you want.

Sometimes it is only you who needs to applaud yourself for winning that chess game. Sometimes it is you who needs to celebrate yourself, make a toast, recognize yourself and maybe too often learn to blow your own horn.